Aiming Big: Shankwali boy makes way into Bollywood


May 11, 2019: Hailing from far flung village of Shankwali in Jailer Rajasthan, Gopal Singh Rajpurohit, an actor, never ceased to dream of making ways into Bollywood despite facing frequent disappointments.

Undeterred by failures, Rajpurohit adhered to his dreams only to realize it one day.

“Yes, it was a difficult time. I had struggled a lot and faced several disappointments, but I never lost hope and kept on trying to achieve my dreams one day,” said Rajpurohit, who shall be featuring in multiple videos, besides a pivotal role in feature film.

Expressing his happiness, Rajpurohit said, he has literally realized his dreams. “There is a stereotyping that people with godfathers are only fit in bollywood, but that is absolutely wrong, I have created niche for myself with the dint of my hard work and persistence,” said Gopal Singh Rajpurohit, adding that only dreaming and aiming is not enough, one has to put life in it to achieve it.

Actor Rajpurohit asserted that though it was not easy for him to get accepted in the film industry, as he belongs to remote area of Rajasthan, but performance and talent has no stoppage.

As of now, Rajpurohit has been signed for two video albums, one featuring with Singer and Actor-Kingpal Singh and another with Neha. He has also been signed for a feature film with a very important character to be played by him. The movie is expected to release soon.

Rajpurohit is hopeful that the video albums and film will prove to be successful take-off of his career.


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