Sushant Singh Rajput’s Pavitra Rishta co-star Prarthana Behere urges people to stop judging Ankita Lokhande, says, ‘She is devastated and crying like hell’

Sushant Singh Rajput's Pavitra Rishta co-star Prarthana Behere asks fans not to blame Ankita Lokhande and said that she is devastated and crying like hell. Check out the whole story to find out more.


Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden demise has left us all heartbroken. The actor committed suicide at his home in Mumbai. The actor was 34. He was found hanging at his Bandra home on Sunday. This news came as a shock for many. Reports say that Sushant Singh Rajput had made his last call to Mahesh Shetty but he had not answered it. The late actor was loved for his role in Pavitra Rishta and his chemistry with Ankita Lokhande was admired. His co-stars from the show are shocked at this news. Prarthana Behere who played Ankita Lokhande aka Archana’s sister in the show expressed her emotions and also asked the fans not to judge Ankita Lokhande as she is very hurt. She also asked fans not to blame her for it as she is devastated. In an interview with the Times Of India, Prarthana Behere said, “Sushant was very close to me, he considered me as his younger sister because I played Ankita Lokhande’s sister in Pavitra Rishta. We would share everything with each other while we were working together. When I left the show after one and a half years of my journey on Pavitra Rishta, he also quit after 3-4 months. In fact, we got our films together.”

“He got his Hindi film Kai Po Che and I got this Marathi film. Our films also released in the same month mine released on February 14, 2013 and his released on February 22. So, our journeys in film industry were very similar. I remember I had invited him for the screening of my film and he had kept a special screening of his film for a few close friends and I was also there. I have seen his growth as an actor,” she added. She revealed that she was stunned when she got the news. She said, “I was getting calls from Marathi news channels for live since I am a Marathi film actress now and I have worked with Sushant in the past. Because of Sunday my entire family was there together and suddenly I got a call from a news channel. The journalist told me Sushant has committed suicide and they want an interview. I was stunned at that moment and did not know how to react. I was like I am not in my senses which Sushant are you talking about. I’ve been a journalist and now I am an actress so I understand both the parts. Now, I am in this side I can totally understand what the family’s of the deceased go through. We feel actors live a beautiful, glamorous life, but it’s not the reality. End of the day we are humans. The messages started flashing on our Pavitra Rishta Whatsapp group and I saw very late. It took me time to figure out what is happening. So, I called up Ankita and she was crying and I was completely clueless whom should I call now. Then I called Mahesh Shetty, he was also crying and he was going to see him. I asked him if even I should come along because he was our friend yaar. It doesn’t matter we were not in touch with each other since last 5 years but we have spent such a lovely time together. I treated him as my elder brother.”

She was also asked about people Sushant’s ex-girlfriend Ankita Lokhande not commenting on his demise and his friend Mahesh Shetty not taking his last call. She said, “I can tell this about Ankita, she is devastated and crying like hell, but one needs to understand everyone had moved on in their life. News sunne ke baad woh wahin atki paddi hai… But she has someone in her life now and she has to respect that relationship also. She wanted to go, but everyone knows she is very emotional and sensitive. She is crying and how. When I posted on the Pavitra Rishta group let’s go and see Sushant for the last time, then we got to know that only 20 people can attend the funeral. Now, when I am watching him on TV, I am feeling like going and seeing him for the last time. But I know only a few people are allowed. I have spent so much time with him and Ankita that I understand him and know his roots. I feel like going and meeting him, but then I stop thinking that again people will judge why she is here after so many years? Why is Ankita Lokhande not here? Nowadays, you don’t know what you will be judged on. People are passing judgement on Mahesh Shetty that it all happened because he did not pick up his phone. People are talking so much about Ankita. They don’t even know Mahesh Shetty was the only friend who has stayed in touch with him in all these years. They are blaming him.”

Prarthana revealed that she had lost touch with him after he moved to Bollywood. She said, “We were not in touch with each other since last 4/5 years after Ankita and he broke up. I felt very awkward and I maintained a distance at that point of time as I din’t want to enter their personal space. I am also a January born so I know how it feels. Sushant was like that he needed his space. I had told him I totally understand your mindset so I gave him that space. But I had told him whenever you need me I am always there. Then later he started doing so well in Bollywood and his friend’s circle changed and his lifestyle changed. He started working in big films and we lost touch. But yes it is heartbreaking. He was an inspiration for me, I wanted to be like him, he taught me so much. We started our careers together. He would always appreciate my work. He was so positive in life.”


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