Sonu Nigam’s New Love Song For Chaman Bahar Gives It The ‘Do Ka Chaar’ Effect

Sonu Nigam is back to singing what he does best. He has sang a new original love song called Do Ka Chaar


Sonu Nigam is back to singing what he does best. He has sang a new original love song called Do Ka Chaar , for the new film Chaman Bahaar, produced by Yoodlee Films’ . The movie has an eclectic music score, matching its theme and semi -urban milieu, and spanning a varied music scape

Set in Raipur, Chaman Bahar follows Billu (Jitendra Kumar), a young ambitious boy who sets up a paan shop and gets smitten by the young girl – Rinku who lives in the bungalow opposite his shop. But this girl is fancied by the other young men of the town, as all of them come and hang in front of Billu’s shop just to get a glimpse. His business flourishes tremendously but Billu has to carefully navigate through this bunch of lovers, and find a chance to express his feelings to this girl.

The situation in the song is Billu’s reverie as he imagines Rinku and himself united forever, dancing away into sunsets and meadows, a stark contrast to his real life situation, where he hasn’t even spoken to the girl even once. The lyrics which speak of various kinds of paan impart the song with a right mix of quirk and poetry.

Sonu says he loved the track when he heard it the first time. “I love the song Do ka Chaar so much that I had requested for a copy of the song right after I sang it. This is not generally my practice. There are some songs you want the world to listen to in your voice. I’m in love with the compostion, lyrics and arrangement of the song. Looking forward to the movie” said Sonu Nigam

Siddharth Anand Kumar, Vice President, Films and Events, Saregama says that : Sonu Nigam was approached for he seemed the obvious easy choice for this cracker of a love song. It’s quirky, its sensitive, its exudes the fresh feeling of first love, and Sonu’s impeccable voice captures the dreams and desires of this lovelorn character. I am extremely happy at the way the song – and the entire soundtrack has turned out.

Chaman Bahaar stars Ritika Badiani, Jitendra Kumar, Bhuvan Arora, Alam Khan, Dhirendra Tiwariand Ashwani Kumar and is streaming on Netflix from June 19


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