Echoing Sonu Nigam’s statements, Monali Thakur says, ‘There have been several unpleasant, disheartening instances in my career’ [Exclusive]

Elaborating on those instances, Monali Thakur adds that she had to take a stance and stay away from certain things for her mind's well-being as it was important to have her dignity intact, since her priorities are different


With Sonu Nigam calling out Bhushan Kumar for forming a “Music Mafia” kind of syndicate, where young talent from outside is denied chances unless they exclusively sing for the latter’s label or several others being sidelines in favour of the label’s preferred artists; a can of worms about the music industry has been opened. In fact, things have gone from bad to worse in Bollywood news circles with Sonu warning Bhushan not to mess with him and claiming that very soon we could see suicide cases in the music line, similar to Susuaht Singh Rajput’s tragic death resulting from depression.

To get a better perspective on things, we recently got in touch with National Award winning singer Monali Thakur for an exclusive interview, and inquired why she doesn’t have as many hit songs in her repertoire or isn’t heard as frequently as some of her contemporaries, especially after delivering some really popular tracks. Shedding light on the scenario, but without taking any names, Monali said, “Honestly, I don’t think I have those many number of songs. These days people are releasing songs every alternate day.”

Opening up on why she has stayed away from remixes nor “In a way, yes, to be honest (to stay away from the rut). There are also many others dynamics that goes on in the industry, and it was very important for me to take are of my soul and spirit. Certain things I just can’t handle. And for my well-being, for my mind’s well-being, I had to stay away from certain things…those are things that people who are in this industry will understand. There aren’t also many good songs, recently, made for female singers. But the frequency isn’t as much as it should be. And as I said, there are dynamics I’m not signed up for. There are a lot of things that work, which I don’t want to say out loud or talk it out. But it’s not easy to have your stand and move ahead. But, yeah, there are several factors that work, however, remixes I don’t quite understand, and don’t feel from within to do them. In the initial stages of your career when you have to do it for survival, it’s a different things, but when you’re capable of making some choice, then it’s a different thing altogether.”

Without elaborating on what exactly happened, the singer added in general, “There have been impactful instances in my career…several in fact…which have been very unpleasant, and which are very disheartening and disappointing that have made me take a stance. So, for me, it was important to have my dignity intact. My priorities are different. And nothing changes even after winning a National Award. It’s a complete power game.”

Well, more and more dirty linen about our music industry keep spilling out, doesn’t it?


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