Monday Memes: HUL renames ‘Fair & Lovely’ to ‘Glow & Lovely’, Twitter reacts with hilarious posts

Renaming a 'fairness' product doesn't make it less racist, does it?


A few weeks ago it was reported that Hindustan Unilever decided to remove the word ‘Fair’ from their popular fairness product ‘Fair & Lovely’. At that time, many welcomed the move. But now, they have announced that they will be calling it ‘Glow & Handsome’. “Over the next few months, Glow & Lovely will be on the shelves and future innovations will deliver on this new proposition,” the company said on Thursday in an official statement. The men’s range of Fair & Lovely will be called Glow & Handsome. As soon as this was announced, memes flooded on the internet. Take a look at a few of them…

Last week, many celebs reacted positively when HUL said that it will remove ‘Fair’ from ‘Fair & Lovely’. Bipasha Basu took to Instagram and wrote, “From the time I was growing up I heard this always,”Bonnie is darker than Soni.She is little dusky na?”Even though my mother is a dusky beauty and I look a lot like her.I never knew why that would be a discussion by distant relatives when I was a kid. Soon at 15/ 16 I started modelling and then I won the supermodel contest … all newspapers read … dusky girl from Kolkata is the winner.I wondered again why Dusky is my first adjective ???”

She added, “In most of my articles for all the work I did,my duskiness seemed to be the main discussion.. it attributed to my sex appeal apparently.And sexy in Bollywood started getting accepted widely.I never really understood this… To me sexy is the personality not just the colour of your skin…why my skin colour only sets me apart from the conventional actresses at that time.But that’s the way it was.I didn’t really see much of difference but I guess people did.There was a strong mindset of Beauty and how an actress should look and behave.I was DIFFERENT as it was pointed out. Didn’t really stop me from being and doing all that I loved.”


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