Kangana Ranaut Calls Taapsee Pannu A B-Grade Actress, This Is How She Reacts!

Kangana Ranaut in a recent interview called Taapsee Pannu a B-grade actress and this is what she has to say about the same!


Taapsee Pannu Takes a Sly Dig at Kangana Ranaut Calling Her a B ...Ever since the unfortunate demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, there have been tons of debates and discussions on social media about Nepotism and how the industry has been unfair to others on multiple occasions. Kangana Ranaut, in her recent interview with Republic TV, addressed the unfairness of the Hindi film fraternity and also called Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhasker B-Grade actresses.

Pannu took to her Twitter account to share her thoughts on the actor’s statement and this is what she had to say:

And in an interview with Hindustan Times, when asked about this again, the actress stated, “It’s disheartening to see someone making a mockery out of outsiders and the industry that has given us so much. Imagine the parents whose kids are coming into the industry. What will they think of us? Like we are some nasty evil people sitting here to eat outsiders?”

She added, “I never mentioned anywhere I like Karan Johar or anyone she alleges, but I have never said I hate them either. So, the fact that you don’t hate someone she hates, is equivalent to ‘you like that person and you suck up to that person’? I don’t even know him behind formal ‘hi, hello, thank you’. How is this even logical?”

She then went on to say how she has been working on multiple films a year for a long time, this was the answer to Ranaut’s ‘Why don’t you get work’ question. She said, ” In the last three years, I have been doing at least four films every year, and have five announced films right now. Who says I don’t get enough work? I decided to keep my career graph slow and steady and that’s exactly how it’s been going.”

She added, “Yes, I’ve been dropped out of films and replaced with star kids but the fact that Kangana and her sister (Rangoli Chandel) try to discredit me and my hard work, call me names, put wrong allegations on me, is actually an equal level of harassment, if not more.” She further stated how her existence in the industry isn’t a sign of nepotism, as this was also one of the things stated by Ranaut.

Pannu said, “None of my past films have been produced by any of these mafia gangs Kangana keeps targeting and mentioning about, nor any of my future films are from them. So, how is my existence because of nepotism? Or undermining someone’s genuine achievements by crediting wrong sources, and then mocking, is how you prove that you are a true successful outsider?”

The Badla actor also said she refuses to take advantage of someone’s demise and said, “I refuse to be bitter. I refuse to take advantage of someone’s death for personal vendetta and I refuse to make mockery out of the industry that gave me bread and identity. As an actor who wants to speak up and address important issues that have happened with me which can help empower others, I did speak up when I was wrongfully replaced in Pati Patni Aur Woh. I called out a wrong practice and had the director of the film supporting me then.”


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